We can create drywall assemblies that meet or exceed all local fire and building codes, including fire rated rock where required. Pre-priming is also available to eliminate “flashing” in well-lit areas.
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Detailed Edging
Give your home a unique look with our unique and stylish corner beads.
Bullnose Corner Bead
The Bullnose Corner Bead gives your corners a smoother look and feel. And our Bullnose Corner Bead is available at no additional charge.
Chamfer Bead
Tired of square corners but like straight, sharp lines? Then you'll love the look created by our Chamfer Bead. Chamfered edges help soften the room while maintaining the look of a crisp, square corner.
Step-A-Bull Corner Bead
Our newest Bullnose Bead, Step-A-Bull, creates a sharp, detailed edge perfect for adding a unique look to any outside corner.
Minimum Mess
During the drywall process, we'll even put down floor paper for FREE to keep the drywall mess to a minimum.
Garage Finishing
Garage walls take a lot of abuse from humidity and cold weather. That's why with every garage finishing we install expansion joints to help reduce drywall cracks in the ceiling caused by temperature change.

And at Leyva Drywall and Insulation, installing drywall expansion joints come standard on garage finishing projects.
Sound Proofing
Add a better sound barrier between bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and between floors.

Blowing-in insulation between floors or adding fiberglass batts in your walls reduces noise throughout your house.

Sound board and resonance channel can also be installed under your sheetrock to deaden even more sound. Sound proofing can be done at any time, but the perfect time is during your home remodeling or home renovations projects.
Need insulation for your new construction or home renovation?

Leyva Drywall & Insulation can help determine the best type of insulation for your needs and budget. Our insulators can add fiberglass ceiling insulation to your existing home or fully insulate your new project.

We do blown in-wall insulation (BIBS) for high energy efficiency applications as well as fiberglass batts for conventional applications.
Custom Textures
Give your project a distinct, original look with custom textures. Leyva Drywall & Insulation offers many custom textures to beautify your walls and ceilings. We even have exclusive textures like Strawberry Patch - a texture available only from Leyva Drywall & Insulation.
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Scratch Trowel
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Strawberry Patch
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Orange Peel
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Crows Foot
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Sand Skip
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Skip Trowel
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Sanded Starburst
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Victorian Texture
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Knock Down
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